We are a team who operates on the basis of science. While many of us are very metaphysical in nature, and while it is something cultivated in our personal lives, We do not rely heavily on it in our research. Our reason for this is that we are seeking proof, and feel we should only do so with methods we can validate and present to a heavily scientific community.


If you're experiencing unexplained phenomena such as objects moving, voices being heard, shadows being seen or a sudden break down in life that's not due to any explainable reason that you think might be based on something paranormal, contact us. We know dealing with the unknown can be frightening, disturbing and may leave many questions. We treat each case individually and care about those we help, remember, if you need us we are here.

If you or someone you know is experiencing odd events that you might think are based in the paranormal and would like us to come and check it out fill out the application below and one of the investigators will contact you.

If you think you might like to join us as a member of CVPRS, read the information at the link below then decide if it's still for you .